Attorney at Law

USPTO Patent Application Forms (.PDF for Acrobat) as of October 1, 2009

  • Declaration using an Application Data Sheet (SB01A)
  • Application Data Sheet (SB14)
  • Power of Attorney (SB81) for patent application
  • Information Disclosure Statement (SB08A)
  • Credit Card Authorization (PTO2038) to USPTO - Please also include your CID (3 or 4-digit number on back of card)
  • Larry's Patent Forms (.DOC for MS-Word)

    Click with the RIGHT mouse button (on PC), choose SAVE TARGET AS, and save these .DOC files (for Microsoft Word) on your computer so that you can fill them out and use them at your convenience.
  • Sample Assignment of patent application
  • Sample Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for an invention
  • Patent Questionnaire (for a free quote, fill this out and email it to me)
  • Miscellaneous Links

    MapQuest® or Merriam-Webster®, also Country codes, State postal codes, or U.S. time zones.
    AlternaTIFF image viewer (to view USPTO database full images on web).
    Cute PDF Writer (create PDF files using MS-Word).
    Patent Retriever (download PDF files of patents & applications)
    CA Business Search (look up a California corporation or LLC)

    View Larry's resume or download Larry's resume in PDF format (better for printing).

    Law-related Links

    California Bar See if an attorney has been sanctioned by the California Bar for misconduct
    US District Court, Central District of CA Get copies of the Federal local rules for LA and Orange County
    US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) for Patent appellate opinions
    WIPO/PCT Get info about the Patent Cooperating Treaty, or upload directly to WIPO.
    Look up FRCP (pdf), FRE, or copyrights or domain name owners.

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